Create a Demo Web app

Create demo Web service on seenode cloud platform via user interface.

List of demo repositories

We have prepared multiple demo git repositories that you can easily deploy to any of our server clusters.

NextJS (Node.js) -

Flask (Python) -


Following this guide you'll deploy a Web application built from one of our prepared demo repositories stored at

Step 1: Navigate to Create Web

Open up the Create dropdown menu that is always accessible at the top section from every place in our application or click on "Create first service" button if your application list is empty.

Then choose Web service from the list.

Step 2: Choose a repository

In this section, you are able to authorise your own repository or in this case to choose pre-made Demo repository and select branch and commit you want to deploy.

From Git repository providers select the Demo tab/option

Then select one of the demo repositories that we've prepared.

After selecting a demo repository all other settings are pre-set for you but you can still change a branch or commit.

Image, Build and Run commands are disabled for demo repositories.

Step 3: Choose a Region

Choose a region where the application will be deployed.

Servers in all cloud all regions are fully managed by us.

Step 4: Select a performance package

Scroll through the list of performance packages and choose one that is available in the selected region. By clicking on the selector input at the bottom of each package you can scale the number of nodes (simultaneously running copies of your application).

Having more than 1 copy of your application will provide you with a zero downtime deployment that prevents your application to goes down if anything goes wrong.

Step 5: Ship the application

After hitting the Create Web button, the application will be built and deployed to the servers located in the region that you've chosen.

Wait for the application to build and deploy. Progress will be shown in the information panel on the right side of your screen.

Now you've successfully deployed a demo application.

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