Start Build & Deploy

Whenever you change the code in the repository and you need to get these changes online you have to start a new build and deploy it. In the following steps, you'll see how easy it is.

Manual Build

Here is how you can perform a manual deployment via our user interface.

  1. Click the Build button located in the top right corner of the right sidebar when the application is opened.

  1. Select the Commit that you wish to deploy

  1. Then click:

    1. Build only if you wish to deploy changes manually later on, or

    2. Build & Deploy which starts the deployment stage automatically as soon as the build succeeded.

The newest deployment is at the top of the list with deployments.

Manual Deploy & Rollback

You can always deploy a build manually that has finished successfully. Simply choose the build that you want to deploy, open the dropdown via ..., and click Deploy this build.

This action might be used also as a Rollback action when a new deployment fails and you need to deploy an older version of the app.

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