Connect to Git provider

We've integrated git providers such as GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket into our platform so you can seamlessly build, test and deploy any of your projects.


Git integration is one of the key components of our platform as you can easily build and deploy, your application stored in the repository, to the cloud.


  • Browse, and select your repository directly in our user interface

  • The initial creation of a service that has built-in the source code from your repository

  • Following manual deployments

  • Optional automatic deployments that are triggered by every push to your source code

Step 1: Navigate to your profile settings

In the top left corner, you can find your avatar and username; by clicking on it, you open up the dropdown menu. Select Profile from the menu.

Step 2: Switch to the tab Connected repositories

When you are already in your profile section you can see multiple tabs from which one is named Connected repositories.

By clicking on the tab Connected repositories you'll get to a screen with the list of all our supported git integrations.

Step 3: Authorise git integration

Authorise integration to the git provider where your repository is stored.

After clicking on Authorise button a new window with the authorization flow is opened.

When everything goes successfully you'll get the following message.

Then you can close the window with the authorization flow. You should see the following screen where the git integration has a green label with the message Connected and the authorization date is underneath.


Now when you have successfully authorized your first git integration you can start using and enjoying all our features mention in the Intro section.

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