Organize your services into logical groups called projects and make finding and managing easier.

Use cases

  • As a software studio, you can easily separate your customers' services. E.g. (Customer 1, Customer 2)

  • As a startup or individual developer you can separate services related to specific environments into smaller logical groups that are easy to manage. E.g. (Production, Staging, Development) or (Project 1, Project 2)

Every user/workspace has by default created one project that is set as the default project for all services.

Create a project

1. Click +Add project button located in the sidebar.

2. Fill in project details (Name, Thumbnail, Description)

3. Click the "Create project" button

Move services to a project

1. Find the service you want to move into the project

There is a couple of options to find the service. You can go to a list of specific types of services e.g. Web, Database via the left sidebar or you can use a search input to find a service.

2. Open the "Details" tab in the right sidebar

3. Choose the project

4. Check the project overview

Delete a project

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