Branches & Environments

Spawn an application for each git branch individually and organize all your services in logical groups called Environments.


Branches are independent copies of your codebase that represent different versions or features of your application. Each branch can be worked on and modified independently, allowing multiple development efforts to progress simultaneously.

Our services are designed to provide the seamless creation of services dedicated to specific branches of your project. This feature is particularly beneficial when developing new features and requiring demonstrations to customers or team members.

The branch nor Repository can't be changed when an application is created.

Selecting a branch

In the Web details -> Repository section on the create screen of any application you can choose a project/repository and select the branch you want to create an application for. All branches for the repository are listed.

Checking a branch and repository

The repository and branch from which was application created can be found at 2 places:

  1. Application list

  2. Application's sidebar


Environments serve as a convenient grouping mechanism, allowing you to easily identify and categorize all services associated with a particular environment.

Available environments:

  • Production

  • Staging

  • Development

  • Testing

Selecting an environment

You can either select an environment when creating a service but you can still change it later when the service already exists.

An initial set of an environment

(Create service screen)

Changing an environment

(On existing service) go to its sidebar -> section Details. There you can find the field Environment, by clicking on it you can change it.

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