Build & Deploy

Build & Deploy pipeline gets the code up and running in the cloud.

What is Build & Deploy

The Build & Deploy pipeline represents a crucial capability offered by the ErlaServers that gets your code up and running in the cloud. Thanks to the integrations with GitHub and GitLab you can seamlessly get your code from the Git repo to our fully-managed cloud infrastructure within a few minutes.

Where to find Build & Deploy

All applications such as Web, Worker, or Cron have the Build & Deploy tab/section when the sidebar for the selected application is opened.

Pipeline stages

As of now, the whole process consists of 2 stages that are linked to each other similar to jobs in GitLab pipelines.

Each green circle represents the state of the stage.

Stages are linked in the order they need to be executed.

1st is Build and 2nd is Deploy

1. Build

In this stage is your source code taken from the repository and transformed into a Docker image and stored in the container registry. At this stage, you can install all packages and dependencies that your application requires.

2. Deploy

This stage takes the previously built image from the container registry and ships it to the region where the application was created. Then the image is deployed on every instance/node of your application using the rolling-update strategy.


Firstly is created a node with the new image that has been built in the previous stage. When the new node is up and running for 5 seconds then the deployment continues to the next node. If the image update fails (the node is down with the new image) the whole deployment process is paused.

Available languages for build

Out of the box, we support these programming languages as of now. Continuously we'll be adding more.

If your project requires a different language or version please create a feature request.

  • Python 3.11

  • Python 3.10

  • Python 3.9

  • Node 19

  • Node 18

  • Node 16

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