Logs generated by application services, such as the Web service, are continuously streamed to our log service provider. These logs can be accessed through the user interface.


  • Accessing logs

    • Live logs

    • Logs history

  • Log retention -> 14 days

Accessing logs

Once a specific application is chosen from the list, the user interface provides convenient access to logs through the sidebar.

To view logs from the application, it is necessary for the application to write logs to the STDOUT or STDERR

Live logs

  1. Select an application from the list

  2. Click Logs tab in the sidebar

  3. Wait for incoming logs that are streamed

Logs history

As of now we keep for each application 14 days of logs. You can scroll up through logs that are fetched in bulks as you scroll higher.

If you need to get back to the live stream of the logs click Love logs button in the left bottom corner.

Log retention

The log retention period for our product is set at 14 days. This means that all log data generated within the system will be stored for a duration of 14 days before being automatically deleted. This duration cannot be modified or customized by users.

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