Create Database

Create database service on ErlaServers cloud platform via user interface


During the following steps, you'll spin up a MySQL database service on servers in the Frankfurt region hosted on UpCloud.

Step 1: Navigate to Create Database

Open up the Create dropdown menu that is always accessible at the top section from every place in our application.

Then choose Database service from the list.

Step 2: Select Database Version and Type

Step 3: Choose a Cloud provider and Region

Choose a cloud provider and region where the database will be spun up.

Database clusters in all cloud providers and all regions are fully managed by us.

Step 4: Select a performance package

Scroll through the list of performance packages and choose one that is available in the selected region.

Step 5: Database details

In this last section, you can set some details about the services that you're about to create such as Name, Tags, Project, and Environment. For the purpose of this tutorial, you can leave it as it is with default values.

Credentials and connection details are automatically generated during the creation process and are accessible in Sidebar -> Connection & Users when a database is created.

Step 6: Spin up the Database

After hitting the Create Database button, the database will be spun up on servers located in the region that you've chosen.

Now you've successfully spun up a database.

Connection Details & Credentials

Connection details depend on the cloud provider and regions you've chosen for the database.

Credentials are auto-generated at creation.

You can always find connection details including credentials to a database in the Sidebar -> Connection & Users tab

Go to the Connection & Users tab

Then you can choose one of Connection Parameters or Flag format for details.

... and copy it with the Copy button or show only the password with the button Show password if needed.

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